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At The Tutoring Connection, we understand the importance of meeting kids where they are academically. That's why diagnostic testing is essential in creating a program that is tailored specifically for your child. In order to start our reading comprehension/writing tutorial programs, a diagnostic test must be done. With each diagnostic test, we provide a parent consultation where we discuss the analyzed results of their testing and develop a plan for targeted instruction in their specific areas of weakness.

Reading in a Bookstore


Reading skills are the foundation for success in any subject. If your child struggles with basic reading and/or reading comprehension skills, this could be the root of their struggles in other subject areas. To begin our reading tutoring program, we will assess your child's comprehension strategies, vocabulary, sight-word recognition, phonics, spelling, phonemic awareness, and more.

Writing with Pen


Writing is one of the most important skills a student can have. Writing, actually, is a skill that has many benefits, not only as a student but in the real world as well. Writing sharpens creativity, widens your knowledge base, increases confidence, and improves communication skills! To begin our writing tutoring program, we will assess your child in the areas of grammar, punctuation usage, spelling, sentence structure, written expression, basic essay composition, and more.

Diagnostic Testing: Meet the Team
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